SQL Server Fix Toolbox

Microsoft SQL Server Fix Tool for faulty *.mdf and *.ndf files containing MS SQL Server databases


Fix SQL Database

SQL Server Fix

SQL Server Fix Toolbox answers how to fix SQL Server database corrupt and easily repairs the structure of corrupted documents in SQL format in all versions, supported formats and causes of data corruption.


Download SQL Server fix database solution if the structure of corresponding databases in SQL supported formats is damaged and there are no other ways of Microsoft SQL database fix except trying SQL Server Fix Toolbox for MSSQL fix database files service.

Get it right now and make sure SQL Server Fix Toolbox does the following:

  • Recovers very large databases of MS SQL Server supported format without the loss of efficiency;
  • Works on any computer running all versions of MS Windows operating system;
  • Exports restored data to databases in Microsoft SQL Server format or saves it as SQL scripts;
  • Provides intelligent and easy interface, guiding database administrators through all stages of recovery;
  • Uses heuristic data recovery algorithms, restoring corrupted data with the highest efficiency;
  • Features modest system requirements so this program suits any software configuration;
  • Recovers SLQ scripts and restores damaged databases to their original state;
  • Works on slower computers or newer workstations.
Note: The program is not licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). SQL Server Fix Toolbox is not open source software or a freeware tool. SQL Server Fix Toolbox is distributed on the try-before-you-buy basis with a free DEMO version.

System requirements: Windows 98 or higher


Step I

Select a corrupted database in MS SQL Server format to repair data from.

Step II

Preview the data, that can be retrieved from corrupted files with *.mdf extension.

Step III

Choose the method of data exporting.

Step IV

Preview data export reports.